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Copyright and Ownership of TVO Public Archive Materials

This Website including site layout, design, logos, official marks and graphics are either owned or licensed by TVO. Audiovisual content within the Website is material owned or licensed by TVO throughout TVO's history (the 'Archive Content') and displayed on this Website for the dual purpose of facilitating access and preserving TVO's past content for Ontarians.

The Archive Content has been researched and assessed by TVO to be at low risk of violating intellectual property rights. However, TVO does not guarantee nor make any representations or warranties (express or implied) that the Archive Content available on the Website is non-infringing or legally accessible in your jurisdiction. Some of the Archive Content may still be subject to the copyright, performing rights, and other similar rights of other parties and may require licensing or other manner of authorization to use, including even the payment of fees.

You may use the Archive Content at your own risk for non-commercial personal purposes, provided that your use is not infringing on the rights of others, is not defamatory or slanderous, and is not violating any laws including criminal laws in the jurisdiction(s) of use. By using the Archive Content you agree to indemnify and hold harmless TVO from any loss, liability, damages, and expenses including legal fees that may arise out of your use of the Archive Content. The Archive Content does not include any TVO trade marks or official marks (collectively the 'TVO Marks') and the use of TVO Marks in a manner that indicates that TVO is affiliated with you or that TVO is the source of non-TVO products or services is strictly prohibited.

If you post or publish Archive Content or other work incorporating Archive Content please ensure that TVO receives the following credit: 'Clip sourced from the TVO Public Archives. [insert URL of the clip]'. Take care to ensure that it does not appear as if TVO has created, approved, endorsed, or sponsored your work. We encourage you to seek independent legal advice if you have any concerns about your use of the Archive Content.

TVO does not guarantee that the Archive Content is complete or that the Archive Content or any particular piece of the Archive Content will remain on the Website for your access.

TVO respects intellectual property rights and other legal rights. If you believe that the availability of a specific piece of the Archive Content on the Public Archive is violating your rights please contact TVO at 1-800-463-6886 or 416-484-2665.